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Welcome to Contented Canines

Is your dog exhibiting unwanted behaviour?

Are you looking for a way to fix it?  


Would you like to

1) reduce stress in your home

2) improve your relationship with your dog

3) see positive change in your dog's behaviour

then Contented Canines are here to help you!

Some of the behaviours we can help with through our behaviour counselling service:

  • Aggression towards other dogs

  • Aggression towards people 

  • Fearfulness during everyday activities or when exposed to particular environments or stimuli (noises, fireworks, traffic, vets, travelling, equipment)

  • Destructiveness

  • Distressed behaviour when left alone

  • Excessive or undesirable barking

  • Repetitive behaviour 

  • Inappropriate toileting 

We can offer you help with training:

  • Focus and engagement

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recall

  • Keeping four feet on the floor

  • Basic obedience

  • Leaving items

  • Settling down and staying calm

  • Advice and training on the use of suitable equipment (harnesses, muzzles, leads)

  • Co-operative care for handling procedures such as veterinary treatments and grooming to make it a nicer experience for both of you

We can also help with more straightforward training issues. With all the information out there, it is sometimes hard to know which is the best approach to take and you can feel like you've tried everything but you are not seeing the improvements you would like. Contented Canines can help you get focus and engagement from your dog using reward-based, welfare friendly techniques. We offer customised, 1 to 1 training sessions for tackling particular training issues or for teaching new skills. 

Contented Canines specialises in helping struggling dog owners have a happier life with their dog.

At Contented Canines we understand how upsetting it can be living with a dog that is exhibiting unwanted behaviours and how difficult it can be to manage their behaviour day to day. We want to support you to help your dog be more content and provide you with a more rewarding relationship.



We only use gentle but effective, welfare-friendly training methods that are enjoyable for both you and your dog

We help you build trust with your dog and create a rewarding relationship

We give you new knowledge and skills so you have a better understanding of why your dog is behaving in a particular way and how to address it.


Have attained comprehensive academic qualifications in the field of behaviour supplemented with wide-ranging practical experience.

Work within codes of conduct set out by associations committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards within the profession.

We are always striving to develop our skills and knowledge and provide the best service possible

We work with other allied professionals to ensure optimal results and care for your dog.


We consider the dog's overall wellbeing and lifestyle and all the factors that have influenced their life until now so that we can provide comprehensive treatment plans as well as detailed explanations of the causes

Treatments are designed specifically for your dog and your set of circumstances leading to better outcomes

Taking a holistic approach enhances your dog's long-term welfare.


We are empathetic and approachable and will take time to listen fully to your concerns

We work together to find solutions that work for you and are achievable

We prioritise client wellbeing as well as dog welfare at each step of our training plans

We provide structured, hands-on, in-person support to develop your training skills, giving you the ability to work successfully with your dog



- get in-depth advice and follow up support on a wide-range of unwanted behaviours...


- teach your dog to be more responsive and well-mannered and improve their life-skills...


- guidance on settling and supporting newly adopted rescue dogs...

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